13. International Skillslab Symposium (english)

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International Skills Lab Symposium (ISLS) is a yearly symposium of the GMAs (Gesselschaft für Medizinische Ausbildung) working groups for Clinical Skills (Praktische Fertigkeiten), Simulated Patients (Simulationspatienten) and Students as Teachers (Studierende als Lehrende).

It is one of the leading students’ symposia on medical education and brings together medical students and teachers from different (mostly German speaking) countries. It represents the opportunity for participants to present their work on medical education and to exchange ideas and experience on important topics in medical education.

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Maribor, is honored to host the 13th International Skills Lab Symposium-the first to be held outside the German speaking countries.

This year’s topic will be on some of the most important issues in modern medicine: ˝Clinical Skills, Simulation and Patient Safety˝.

The Simulated Patients (Simulationspatienten) working group annual meeting will take place as a Pre-Symposium of the iSLS.

We hope you will be able to join us and share your insights and experience.

Welcome to Maribor, Slovenia!

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